Distinguished December (2016) Screenshots



My new gnome desktop setup.
Wallpaper here.

Manjaro is an ugly duckling

Maybe it’d be better with D… December instead of F… December.

But i have no idea what should that D be :sweat_smile:


My old i3 with a new wallpaper


Looking Goooood!


Damn right D


Nothing much has changed except my wallpaper. You can get it here http://www.deviantart.com/art/When-The-Moon-Shines-362649398
It is small size, but fits my laptop fine. You may notice something is wrong with the clementine applet, not sure what that is about.


My XFCE for the next days. Wallpaper here: http://i.imgur.com/TcKdVjP.jpg


I want that bottom :blush:



Back to cinnamon! :smiley:


I really miss SE Alaska, where it looks exactly like that this time of year sigh



Anybody misses the old forum ? Behold and reminisce gentlemen ! Discourse has the “gateway” feature too :grin:


A little sweetness in a world of beast :relaxed:


which dock are you using? is that Cairo?
In general which is the best with kde?


That’s Plank. Honestly I’ve never tried other than plank since it has worked very well for me


But, are you able to run plank-config gui? I am installing it from octopi, but it doesn’t start :confused:


Hold ctrl and then right-click on plank, you should be able to enter to Preferences


Thanks for the tip, that actually helped, but still plank appears only on one workspace/Desktop.
In the settings, there is restrict to workspace option, but that doesn’t effect :confused:


Thats weird. On my end appears on all workspaces. These are my settings (Sorry, Spanish):


bspwm and polybar