Dist and __pycache__ folder missing after installing Proton 6.3

When I installed Proton 6.3 this is my folder:

And this is my friend’s:

When trying to launch any game with it, it does not work. I searched the web for similar issues, but this is what I found, and I have installed python2, so this should not be the issue.
Here is my system information

Thanks for any help in advance : - )

Verify Proton and Steam Runtime Soldier files from your Steam library.


I verified Proton 6.3 and Steam Runtime Soldier, but the files are still missing

__pycache__ is where python stores the bytecode of the scripts, generated on launch.
dist is proton_dist.tar extracted, as defined in proton.

Both are done on first run, so in your case the Proton version in that directory has not been ran at all.

I have now manually extracted proton_dist.tar as dist, and run a game with Proton 6.3. __ pycache__ got created and the game works.
Thanks for the help

So is this just a rare bug, or me having done something to create a funky GNU/Linux system?

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