Displays , closing laptop lid & backlight

Hi . 2 problems , 1st , running Xfce on lenovo idea-pad 110 . i have a external monitor connected and i can’t close the laptop display (lid) without losing both monitors , have put external as primary but can’t find an option to closing the laptop without sleeping or hibernating . also have wireless keyboard n mouse connected .
2nd , backlight , have a dim display on laptop . i did find a fix for that but it didn’t work ,i believe that came down to the way i have formatted the partition . is there a fix for dim display with other format . this one not as important but if i use it as a laptop again i would like to see the screen .
any help is much appreciated. thanks

For the first issue:

In etc/systemd/logind.conf, uncomment the following:


In etc/UPower/UPower.conf:


Then reboot your computer

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