Displaylink connected (USB docking station) displays show as intended on XFCE, but only one will work

To start for context:

I’m using the displaylink driver compiled from AUR and the 455 proprietary Intel/nvidia hybrid driver so the system can see two displays I have connected to the USB docking station. That appears to work as intended.

However… Whilst at first I could get both displays to show up and turn on in working order … The 2nd one going thru the docking station just went black as I was arranging their positions. No matter what I do I cannot get it to display anything but the edge of a cursor. Furthermore, if I disable this display, the other goes offline too even tho it is still enabled.

I suspect since it did initially work that the display settings app is not properly editing the low level config … If this is a text file, where might I find it and how would I adjust it manually since the display settings config can’t seem to handle it?

Furthermore … I’m concerned about display density/scaling issues.

It appears XFCE still only has a way to adjust global scaling… I have 4 displays I use, none are 4k or anything but my eyes aren’t that great and the density varies significantly: main display is moderate, 2nd large one is low, and the two small ones over the docking station are pretty high density. So… You can see why this is problematic for me. On Windows I’d just set a different upscaling and it’s usable, is there an app that can do this for XFCE? If not, which linux UI can handle this and how would I convert this XFCE install to it?