Displaying images to screen of the computer


Are there known linux exploits that allows the attacker to display images, black lines, etc to the screen of the computer?

Like when I am browsing is it possible for someone to display images to the screen of my computer?

I am talking about a zero click exploit or some sort of exploit. I am using Manjaro Arm. Does this make a difference?

If an attacker gains access to your system they could probably do lots of things… like display images I guess.

But your scenario doesnt sound very likely to me … and no I dont know of anything specific like this.

Maybe it would make sense to explain why you are asking this question?
Do you just have display problems and are wondering if its a virus?

Uh i doubt that. Still, if you are afraid of such things, use Firefox with ublock origin and privacy badger. Also go to GUFW and enable it (It’s the built-in firewall, preinstalled by Manjaro)
Like how cscs pointed out, a hacker might be able to get in, but you have extremely low chances of that if you use an adblocker while browsing, as well as a firewall, imo

yeah I am seeing things in my screen being displayed and I am using Manjaro Arm.

I have chkrootkit installed and it did not find nothing infected and did not find any rootkits.

How would I go about to determine if my computer has been infected/has been hacked?

Like what? What does it look like? Under what circumstances?
What makes you assume its malicious?

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Exactly what images you see? And how are they displayed?

When I was browsing the web for example I saw something like a logo being displayed.

One of the biggest attack vectors today is the browser … well, after the User that is.
(and in most of those cases whats infected isnt the System … just the Browser)

But I am going to guess its actually an extension.

What extensions to you have installed? Does it happen in Safe Mode?

( PS … you can start FF in safe mode with firefox --safe-mode )

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I have not used safe mode but I will and see if anything changes.

If chkrootkit says my system is not infected it likely that its not? So, my system is probably not infected/hacked if chkrootkit says it is not infected. Right?

Yes, but still try and install an adblocker next time you browse the web. I recommend Ublock Origin

I highly doubt your system is infected.
I think you just did some unwise things in your browser.
Its probably not even an ‘infection’ per-se.

But we cant know much without more information.

Please show:

ls ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/extensions/

ls: cannot access ‘/home/“my-user-name”/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/extensions/’: No such file or directory

Hm. Works here. Maybe you have a special profile name( … or maybe its zsh fault).

Maybe try one of these fancier ones:

grep -oP '(?<=\},\"name\":\")([^"]*)' ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/addons.json
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same thing-no file or directory.

what other tools other than chkrootkit can I uses to see if I am infected?

Again, it works here.
Maybe you can navigate to your folder and list them? Or otherwise show which addons you are using?

Theres AV things for linux. Though whether you need them or their efficacy and such is often debated.
Even AVG has a tool. But I still think thats probably not what you need to do first. You should probably just check the simple things in your firefox.

duckduckgo privacy essentials
hunter for finding emails
ublock origin

I dont know hunter (and only 7000 users…). But those all seem legit.
Have you cleared your cache/etc … and well … started in Safe Mode ?

I have started Safe Mode but Im not on Safe Mode right now and nothing is being displayed anymore. It is not very frequent either but I was wondering if my computer was hacked.

If the extensions are legit and this keeps happening what could it be? And chkrootkit did not find any infections or rootkits so yeah…