Display turns off on login screen


On login screen (after PC boots or session logged off), after about 10 minutes the display is turned off - just the display, the computer itself is not suspended. This happenes although screen energy saving in settings is unchecked. Is there a way to prevent this? Or better yet, make SDDM activate xscreensaver?


i asked the same question some time ago,but didn’t get any response.

This is not in Power option.
Check the screen lock option under Workspace Behaviour - Screen Locking

Hi shaunakhub,

Thank you for answering. I re-checked the screen locking options, nothing there to change this behavior. Also, when the user session is locked, the display isn’t being turned off, it happenes just on the login screen.

There is no option in SDDM settings to change this behavior. KDE has only settings per user, so these settings doesn’t affect behavior for other users, before login or after logout.

Did you try to disable or change settings TLP?


Hi Tomeek, I will try that and report back. Thanks.