Display to remote connection without a display physically attached

Hi, I want to use Manjaro on a remote machine and so do not need a display attached to it directly as I will be using it through NoMachine pretty much exclusively.

I have it all setup (using a display atm) and it runs great, as soon as I power off the physical screen the NoMachine link lags massively. Power the display back up and the NoMAchine link is perfect again.

I have tried a HDMI “no display dongle” but that did nothing at all.

So I am asking for help, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would think a VNC would be better for this personally.

but that doesn’t give me access to the full desktop, at least not the same desktop as I would see IF I plugged in a display directly right? It opens a new desktop exclusively for the remote session?

Only ever used VNC at work to connect from Windows XP over to our tills running Win2K (guess those are swear words around here though :P) which is a completely different experience I would think. Thankfully those systems are long gone.

I have now sorted this one out!
It was a hardware issue which was resolved with a BIOS update (updated the BIOS to fix a networking issue and it sorted the HDMI issue as well…go figure).

Thanks for the advice though buddy, was very much appreciated.