Display signal lost while playing Salt and Sanctuary

I think I have run into a possible Issue with Xfce. Namely when playing Salt&Sanctuary moving between Sanctuaries the game often loses the Display Signal and I have to reboot the System.

I am now playing the Game using IceWM where this Problem doesn’t occur at all. This may indicate Issues with Manjaro Xfce.

Don’t log where the Log is located or name of the Log.

Don’t log where the Log is located or name of the Log.

Try journalctl (hit the End key to go to the most recent stuff and then PgUp to hopefully find when the error happened, to see if there’s any enlightening error messages).

Losing display signal is unlikely to be releated to the DE, but then Xfce does have a lot of bugs. :joy:

Also, kernel 5.10 is really bad (I’ve had crashes and freezes and crazy stuff with it), so that’s another variable to consider.

I see. Didn’t know that Xfce has lots of Bugs. Any other DE or WM advised?

Maybe the Issue with my GTX 970 Card doing the same thing is related to Xfce? I could just put the dGPU back in and try.

I did check out LXDE, but I find it to be strange that the Taskbar and everything else isn’t set up properly.

IceWM seems to have no issues with my Graphics Card all the sudden losing the display signal when playing games.

I will have to logout and log back in with Xfce

Any other DE or WM advised?

KDEeeeeee! (I shill for it hard. I’m convinced it’s the best DE evar. It’s not without its own bugs, but I think you can tell it has more developer power behind it than Xfce. Same with GNOME, but… GNOME is… well. You know. :yum:)

Well I was considering Mate. But trying to install a DE or WM that isn’t supported but maybe Community only is like pulling my hair.

Not everything is set up correctly to use as a DE. LXDE isn’t. I don;t to reinstall Manjaro again…

Yep. xD And try Xfce from scratch on Arch; it’s soooo bad compared to Manjaro’s Xfce. ;w; Also, why Mate?

Nevermind had issues with both Mate and Gnome. Maybe the Community is better… But

Nevermind. I was in Steam Beta and was using the Compatibility Tools. That seems to solve the issue I was having.

When I started playing Salt&Sanctuary again, I had no Troubles at all. Now after defeating one of the Bosses in the Sunken Area, my dGPU suddenly loses the signal to the Display. This requires me to reboot the Computer.

At first I thought that a bug in Xfce was the cause of this, after this occurred with IcwWM, I figured out nope it is Firefox and/or paused videos was doing this.

I’m not sure if FF only does this with this Game only, but may be an Issue with some other one or what. But it is something to try.

I hope this helps everyone.