Display settings ignored after turning monitors back on

When I reboot my pc, my display settings are remembered, but when I turn my monitors off and turn them on the following day, the settings are a clusterf*ck. My primary display is disabled, and my other two monitors are at 60hz instead of 144 and they are in mirror mode. How can I fix this?


Hello @McCarthee, if it is nvidia, then you need to save the xorg.conf with the nvidia-settings as root. If you just apply it, it is only temporary and not permanent.

I’m on AMD, should have been specific sorry.

Normally xrandr is used for auto-detection. You can set the screen settings at the xorg.conf like nvidia does. Maybe this helps.



You need at least a monitor, screen and device section. The wiki has an example,

That way it will not auto-detect, but use the xorg.conf to set the screens.