Display scaling won't go lower than 125% KDE Plasma

I have a strange issue regarding display scaling on a lenovo thinkpad with intel graphics.

First of all, yes, I rebooted multiple times.

I set my display scale to 125% with an external monitor connected.

I no longer have that display available, and the slider value for display scale is set to 100. It’s still 125 though.

0 and 125 are the same. 106.25 works, and is smaller than 100 or 125.

I messed around with xrandr.

xrandr --output "eDP1" --scale 1

returns the scaling to 125.

anyone deal with this before? If so what do you suggest?

In which file can in find the config for scaling?


I am not 100% sure how I fixed this. It was probably toggling the font dpi override, or synchronizing the settings in SSDM, but after a combination of these… it works.

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