Display menu item disappeared

I have a problem that i cannot change the dual screen layout anymore. after an update the

“display” icon in the menu disappeared and I have no clue how to configure my screens. thank you !!

i m on xfce… :slight_smile:

In which menu? The Whisker menu or the Settings menu?

in the settings menu and the whisker menu. when i type in display, nothing pops up…

That’s weird. The Display Settings are part of the Settings Manager, so since you still have the latter, you should have the former.
Can you launch it from the terminal?


oops, seems this somehow disappeared:

bash: xfce4-display-settings: command not found

edit: ok I ll try reinstall the xfce4-settings and will let you know…

I could reinstall xfce4 settings, but when i access xfce4-display-settings from the terminal and change settings, it will not affect the screens , they just stay the same… any hint?