Display app permissions in pamac GUI

Please display flatpak/snap application permissions in the pamac GUI as the gnome-software does.

I think it is useful to know what permissions the application asks before installing it. It helps to skip the software that requests unlimited permissions.

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I think this would be a great idea for the FlatPak/Snap integration plugins.

What do you think @guinux ?

Question is how hard it is to implement correctly, so it looks good on both desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

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Personal computers system security is implemented different than Android.

The permissions issue on Android devices comes from the fact that advertising is the business model. Data mining and harvesting and consequently the profiling is easily avoided on Manjaro.

I agree completely with @Strit that packages distributed through the snap channel should come with a telemetry and possible data collection warning. Yes I know they say it for development purpose and Apple says their plan to use AI to scan images directly on the enduser’s device is to protect childen - but what comes next?

And I totally agree - it would be a pain to implement because if would require some authority do define permissions and a lot of me-myself-and-I kind of people will lie and cheat anyway.

Most applicatons today are designed around network activity - one way or another - there is no golden rule - if such thing was to be implemented it would only create a false sense of security when the content is not in line with the label.

There will always be someone ready to take what is not theirs - to cheat and disguise their true purpose - and there will - for the foreseable future - be users which need to be handheld and guided - creating labels on software are never going to change that.

If you use modularized applications like vscode or node based applications or apps based on election - you are walking a thin line of internet based applications on your computer - and it will be next to impossible to control every aspect of the network communication required for such app.

When your app offers portability between devices - your data has to be stored somewhere - example is the joplinapp.org notetaking app (a great app actually - but based on electron) - or stackedit.io - postman.com - all those browser based apps …

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