Disks misidentifying the new hd

dear all,
earlier today I've changed and old(ish) hd with a brand new one.
So far so good.
Then I launched Disks for a Self-test. As expected the disk is OK.
However I noticed that the "Powered On" parameter is over 3 years... exactly how the old one was. Then I noticed that Disks still has the same model/serial of the old one...
In the same machine I recently also changed the ssd where Manjaro is, and in this case Disks correctly identifies the ssd.
But not for the hd (see the attached pic), any idea why and if it's something I should be worried about or not?
Thanks! :smiley:

maybe something in ./cache ?

thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
Could this having something to to that this was a dual boot system, and Windows booted from a partition of the old hd? I've noticed that restarting I still get the option to boot from Manjaro or from Windows when the hd with that partition isn't there anymore...

I've been looking in /home/myname/.cache/ but haven't seen anything that looks like being created by Disks, unless it creates files/folder with a name completely unrelated to it. Or should I look in another cache? And when I find whatever it is I should delete it or what?


That should be fixed with "sudo update-grub". It'll remove the old entries added by os-prober when the system was dual booting. That'll also happen the next time you update your kernel.

I'm a KDE user so I'm not sure about the disks tool, but you can run sudo smartctl /dev/disk -a from a terminal and see if CLI tool reports the information correctly.

hi FluffyKittyrevenge and thanks for your reply.
sudo update-grub did the trick for the dual booting thing.
However when I run the other command I just get "smartctl: command not found"...

Forgot to write: I'm using the Openbox version of Manjaro.

"smartctl" is part of the package "smartmontools".

It's included in the Manjaro Plasma Live session I'm running from so I thought it was installed by default and didn't even think I had to mention its package because of that.

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