Disk Space Issue

Hello everyone.
On my laptop I use Windows and Manjaro in Dual Boot. When I was installing Manjaro I used “Install Alongside” option and set 20 gigs for the distribution. Fow the first time this was ok, but then I started running out of space.
So then I managed to clean 15 gigs of disk space in Windows and then I shank the Windows partition through it’s native tool, but I couldn’t add this unallocated space to the Manjaro partition :frowning:
So, to do this, I need to completely uninstall Manjaro and install it once again, but I also need to save my programs and settings.
How to reinstall my Manjaro system and save all my settings and programs?

You can use Gparted to mainpulate the disc.
Gparted is contained on the Manjaro USB stick.

The problem is that the unformatted space is located not after, but BEFORE the manjaro partition, so it is impossible to extend manjaro’s partition.
I can’t public pictures yet, so i can’t show you how it looks.

Move it left, then extend it right.


With gparted this is possible.

But please do a backup before !

Make Backups:

If the space being used is not the OS but files etc. then invest in a USB portable SSD. Use that as your personal file storage.

I have tried using Gparted under liveusb, but still can’t do that.
There’s only “New” and “Information” options are available in the context menu for unallocated space.

Is the disk unmounted?

Yes! I have just moved not the empty disk space but the Manjaro partition itself. I am actually typing from the Manjaro.
Thank you all!

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