Disk encryption problems

Hi there I’m back to Linux after having played with it in my school days…
I remember just a little how things work but I’m certainly no expert.

first try with Manjaro gnome.
Dual boot installation on a windows x1 carbon gen6 Thinkpad.

so i’m installing Manjaro…
i see the options to encrypt the disk…
and i say why not better for security.

all disk is encrypted not just the windows partition (which is not what i wanted).
and decryption is painfully slow…

How do i solve this?

PS I would like to use the windows partiton for work, and i don’t have critical data on it, but i have already insatalled and configured a lot of stuff and i would save the pain to redo it.
i know i should have practiced on an older machine, but wanted to play with the cool one!

to me it is not clear what your actual problem is. What do you mean by the first sentence:

The second sentence I can understand. you probably mean that it takes ages until the machine boots after you entered the passphrase. That delay you experience is to protect the master-key against attacks. When the machine has unlocked the key and boots, the actual data decryption during runtime likely will not be unusually slow. There are ways to speed up the decryption of the master-key, but they are at the expense of its protection. At run-time, speed will not change.

To the first sentence: The Manjaro installer will not have encrypted your windows partition. So please clarify what you mean. Does W not boot anymore?

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Ty for the replay.
I would like to have the encryption password asked when i start Linux and not before the Os boot choice. I would love to enter windows without the need to write the encryption password.
i would love a safer os but i don’t have critical data on it so i think i can do without encryption.

So can i move where the encryption password is asked?
How do i speed up a little the aster password protection?
If i change my mind can i remove the encryption?
and change the password?

again ty for your help!
Got a little for the replay but was busy repastheing the cpu and upgrading the wifi!

You’d probably better reinstall without encryption. Before launching Manjaro installer, select encrypted Manjaro partitions and remove them using KDE Partition Manager or GParted (the latter should be available on Gnome iso), then proceed to the installer and avoid encryption flags.

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can i do that using the installer and just overwrite the old partition? and after that avoiding the encryption option?

since i’m here is it safe to force linux using local time (to avoid problems with windows?)

To make Linux use local time run “timedatectl set-local-rtc 1 --adjust-system-clock” in the Terminal.

tried that, but got a warning from the terminal…

no - it is not safe - Linux always knows the correct time - based on hardware clock in UTC and the configured timezone.

If you change to local time - and dual boot windows - then may run into weird issues because both windows and Linux changes the the clock

This may produce errors of various kinds e.g. https certificate errors.

The safe and correct measure is to set Windows to use UTC.

The reason your system asks for decryption key before you select windows is because the grub menu is inside the encrypted Manjaro in the folder /boot/grub.

You can work around this by using encrypted root and unencrypted boot. You cannot easily change an already installed system - in your case I’d recommend reinstalling Manjaro.

There is forum topic dealing with the option of installing Manjaro using unencrypted boot.

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