Disk Cloning Using DD?

This is just a sanity check, but I just cloned my brother’s hard drive using dd if=/dev/sda of=/SOMEWHERE/DISK.iso (with batch size and status=progress), but the last time I did this, the OS wouldn’t boot.

I’m trying it again (obviously with the sister command dd if=DISK.iso of=/dev/sdb). Does this result in a bootable internal HDD? (These drives are on 2 seperate systems, hence the .ISO intermediate step).

This is technically for a Windows system, but I did the cloning using a manjaro live USB :slight_smile:

Generally i would not expect the install to be bootable instantly. When i was still using windows and had to move drives (mind you directly from one drive to another), because of failure of the old drive, i always hat to repair the bootloader with a windows installer afterwards. Hope that helps.

What boot-repair procedure would you recommend for this task on linux? Gparted? I don’t think that boot-repair has a candidate on Manjaro :slight_smile:

Since the partition is as you say a windows partition, I would recommend a windows USB installer medium.

be careful with dd & clonezilla , because they do clones data
UUID are the same , size partition will be identical ,
loss size disk possible in this case
( copying one partition 500go on 1To , leave with 500go by cloning)

avoid at all cost same UUID on boot ( linux use UUID to adress disks you go in this case lost data ),
or remove disks at end copying before reboot in case of cloning

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I did several clones via dd and images with no problem whatsoever …
Although sometimes ( depending if it was Windowz XP or other)
I had to use gparted or similar to validate the boot flags after writing …

Afterwards had to forcebly start Windows in Safe Mode …
Another important detail is related also to the UUID (depending again from the Windowz version ) …

Most of the time Clonezilla ( instead of pure dd) is the best option to achieve sucess in such type of actions.