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Hello everybody,

I recently needed an XAMPP install and didn’t want to use my physical installation, so I set up a fresh Manjaro Xfce install in virtualbox. As usual, I got a notification from the manajro-settings-manager-notifier because something needed my attention. The problem was, I didn’t know what it was. Maybe there was a tooltip, but if so I missed it. In the end of the day, right clicking the notification icon showed me a menu allowing easy access to the kernel manager, the language packs manager and maybe something else, I don’t remember.

So, not knowing what actually needs my attention, I clicked the first entry which was the kernel manager. The notifier immediately disappeared. Seeing that an up to date kernel is present, I knew that probably language packs are missing, but the notifier icon for an easy access to the language pack settings was gone, so I had to navigate there myself. So I would propose the following changes to the manajro-settings-manager-notifier:

  1. Make it visible which part of the manjaro-settings-manager actually needs attention. For doing this the following three options come to mind:
  • Start the corresponding dialogue via left click on the notification icon (currently left click is disabled). This is problematic if more than one part of the settings manager requires attention (say, language packs are missing and a new kernel is available).
  • Show only those entries in the left click menu which actually require attention.
  • Mark those entries in the left click menu which actually require attention somehow (say, with a bold font).
  1. Don’t hide the notification icon as long as the reason for the notification is still present (user interaction does not necessarily eliminate it, as it happened in my case). If the user is disturbed by the icon he can remove it via “right click > Exit”.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

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