Discussion and Feedback: "Forum Holiday"

@jonathon Really you do need a break you are trying to make yourself indispensable in your own mind, that is not good as it effects other moderators as they start to feel what's the point.
No body is indispencable not you not @philm, Manjaro will run fine without you as it did before when you took a break.
Go have some fun do the things you really have been putting off. :slightly_smiling_face:


There's a life without @jonathon , but it's useless.


Don't know I might even start using Manjaro again ha, ha.


In fact, there are many people who seem to be constantly on the forum helping others. All the ones you mentioned + @kdemeoz @tbg @sueridgepipe @SGS

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I choose, women first, g2436 รคhm @kdemeoz , @sueridgepipe and @tbg
I make only small multicolored pictures :wink: and try to become smart from all this here.

Include, of course
Not in any particular order

@gohlip, @petsam, @bogdancovaciu, @dalto and @cscs


Uh oh wow ... apparently i did not know/read everything about the first 3 nominations ... my bad, really bad ... I was sure about @kdemeoz ... :blush:

Then about the last 4, sure ... by the name = guys ...

Anyway, what is this for?

Sunday evening leisure activity, here again someone wants to go on holiday and is looking for potent replacement people.

I just fool around today :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:


Am i the only one that does that every day ? :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:


There's more to moderating than this though.

Moderators also have to (e.g.):

  • be able to de-escalate while retaining some semblance of authority
  • be able to take criticism and abuse without over-reacting
  • be consistent, balanced, and objective
    • understand how their actions and tone impact on the wider community
    • be able to take a step back and see the larger picture
  • communicate effectively and appropriately
    • avoid sarcasm and hyperbole
  • be willing to upset people
  • be willing to admit they're wrong
  • be able to take a tough line even with established community members

The community runs the way it does because we "keep things positive". There have been occasions where threads have started towards "snark" or "bitchiness" and those need to be "nipped in the bud". If the tone and approach of members slips for a moment it needs to be caught, corrected, and returned to the "strait and narrow".

The moderation team has to be able to follow a consistent approach and have the same (or very similar) outlook and vision for the community. Otherwise you end up with inconsistent application of rules and and can end up with "mixed messages" about what's acceptable on the forum.


@gohlip would be a disaster IMO. To much sarcasm and rhetoric. On the other and, it would be fun to watch moderation in the form of Chinese proverbs and ridles :grin:

I could also suggest @mandog to scare help vampires away and turn all KDE users over to GNOME :upside_down_face:


Everyone... many, help as good as they can, and a better forum I have not yet experienced.
One (1) head shepherd to block and lock out should be enough out. But I can be completely wrong.

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I'm just messing around. I do think more moderators should exist. @jonathon surely knows who to choose.

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Hey, I'm just baiting for some Portuguese wit. :rofl:
Portuguese and Spanish sound the same to me.
Do they use the same alphabet? :rofl:
And do they name babies after some towns?
Bebe da Costa ?

Damn... I don't qualify.


I don't care when it's closed for some days, go fishing, or whatever....have fun.

I see @dalto has been added to the moderation team. He is an excellent choice because he is always unbiased and can be relied upon to keep his cool even when the topic becomes heated.

Myself, Bogdan, and Go, would probably not be great choices as we tend to like sarcasm too much, and can lose our cool at times. When someone is slagging the distro or Linux in general I have no hesitation to unload with both barrels on them. A mod cannot do that, and somebody needs to set the provaucateurs straight IMO.

I'm sure @cooter would do a great job as well, but that would hobble him from being able to post all his humorous quips and comebacks. Mods can't really do too much of that stuff, because it can always be taken the wrong way and offend the hypersensitive.

It would be a very hard job being an unbiased moderator because you really can't say exactly what you think. That's just not my style, I tend say what I am thinking without processing it through the modern sanitization filters.



I've been moderator & general Linux dog's body around the 'net more than once. It's a thankless, time-consuming task with lots of work and little reward. And, of course, the food's horrible and the pay really sucks. It's not for me anymore. :wink:

I have this and only this to say to aspiring Moderators: If you think it would look supercool to have the Moderator tag after your name, please do not apply. We don't need you.

I'll tell you what I want to see--more people like @dalto and @cscs with the Diplomatic badge. In fact, I'm so jealous I'm determined to earn that for myself. Now, that!--that badge--that is supercool. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



a big NO to closing down the forum, this has been tried before in some online games

but please make an announcement before taking it offline for maintenance, and redirect to a BRB page or a random wiki page, those bad gateway 502 are not cool.

mods, assignments and admin stuff should be done by rotation, just my opinion

from past experiences i can tell you that higher level members need to take some personal time off and clear their head, keep a fresh perspective on things, as they can make or brake a community (seen this too many times, not the case here)

and it seems i have some edit options and semi-mod powers here, but i would prefer not to.

more tags/badges, and emojis next to our name would be nice


Now I've heard everything @cooter being diplomatic. HA HA :smile:

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Heh Heh... I on the other hand, processed it and wants to say it anyway!
Haw! Haw!

+1 for @dalto as Mod!
It's already posted that @c00ter wouldn't take the job, but maybe if we put the boots to him he would change his mind. :innocent: