Discover shows libtg_owt package that can not be upgraded

Running Plasma 5.22.4, KDE Frameworks 5.84, Qt 5.15.2 on Kernal 5.12.19.

For the past several weeks, the system did not show any Update notification. So, I manually did sudo pacman -Syyu. There were more than 2GB updates to be installed. All went well with the installation. The computer restarted without any problem.

But now I see an upgrade notification. Discover shows a libtg_owt system update. When I select Update All, it produces an error could not find or read package.

I can not uninstall the package because of dependencies.

What is happening? How do I set things right? Or should I leave them as they are?

Somehow the database got corrupted, happened on my end too. From terminal run
sudo rm -r /var/lib/PackageKit/alpm/*
and after that all should be fine when you open Discover.
The sync database will be regenerated once you hit Check for Updates.


@bogdancovaciu Thanks. That did it!

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