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Would it technically be possible to allow for TL3 users to edit the formatting of other people's posts?
I would love to be able to add missing code tags when people post their inxi or journalctl...


I think you should be able to suggest edits that the original poster can approve or decline. This would curb the vandalism.

EDIT: You should also be able to suggest marking a post as solution. People don't do this and it drives me nuts!


When it comes to code tags, that's what I normally do ("Please use code tags"), I find it too complicated and taking too much time.

Any other edits should of course not be possible.
But I think TL3 users can be trusted to only make formatting changes, not text changes.

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I think it will not work but I like the idea much.

Important knowledge

Please select the text in the terminal
Paste the text into a the post
Select the newly pasted text in the post
Click the </> icon in the post toolbar

This creates nicely formatted text.

(Text was copied from @ linux-aarhus)


is all I can give :slight_smile:

EDIT: You should also be able to suggest marking a post as solution. People don't do this and it drives me nuts!

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Maybe democratization shall be a good solution and preventative for what seems to be the ultimate problem being brought when people take trouble with others "lording" on what some seem unnecessary nitpicking

If the end user finds the formatting to be of no purpose and provides no tangible or substantial amount of pragmatic enhancement for the purposes in using the forum writ large and to the topic at hand, it does seem to be a turn off to productive discussion in that it should be not halting or disruptive to the discourse for no real reason

If the users able to make such changes are able to do so unilaterally it seems they have proven themselves to be representative of the community in a good faith way and able to change the end product that someone now or in the future views the content, shouldn't there be some broader conservative check on that pseudo moderation? Like Wikipedia level barrier to entry of content-slash-etiquette aggregation?

Sorry for rambling have to get some caffeine and my caissons out my rear apparently, I'll try to get back and tidy this up! I just feel that given there is so much more potential for people of a sorta power user standing in the community than worrying about every screenshot and worse potentially shying those newer to the community from being prodded gently into being helped AND productive members of discussion here. With the wiki and forums having content that can break systems easily displayed but just rightfully necrod' forum-wise, community approach could give all a bit more voice to a continuously improved and updated fora of all that relates to manjaro


Some sort of report advisory / warning button to have those who are designated as being responsible for the task review information that is deemed reliable or perhaps the opposite and not right?

As much as I rambled in my other reply I have to admit there isn't anything hard about what @SGS is rightfully pointing out. Can't help those who refuse to be so helped🤷‍♂️


Saved :rofl::rofl:

Thanks for this.


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You may think harping about screencaps is overly picky, but I assure you it's not. I am often performing support when I only have my cell available and screencaps are often illegible on a small cell screen. If the user wants to find a solution to their problem then they need to post their info in a readable manner. Pictures are also not text searchable with a copy paste into a search engine.

Back to the topic at hand I will often edit the titles of important examples of networking threads I work on. Most users pick a title that in no way reflects the actual issue. Clarity is important for those searching for a solution to a similar problem.

I think allowing formatting changes would be good, but I doubt that will ever happen on a widespread basis.


Don't mistake my wording as a slight or even disagreement - I originally meant for it to the Devils advocate point of view if that helps at all

Trusting a non necessary image is just not fun for anyone in the worst case scenario. On all other accounts it's a waste of bandwidth harder to communicate and digest and overall a hassle for the person needing knowledge in how to fix, others helping and the potential future solution seekers who may end up to a broken href

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I think a suggestion ability is a good idea. Directly editing topic titles, content, etc. is bad, especially if no reason is given (regulars aren't always right).


If you can find a way of implementing it then great. Otherwise.... :man_shrugging:


I handle a lot of networking help threads. Most titles are something to the effect of "Help Me!!! my internet isn't working!!!".

If a solution is found I will often edit the title to make the post more readily identifiable for other users with the same network adapter. Without identifying the adapter involved the post is near useless to others with similar adapters.

Most everyone who has their networking issue resolved is so happy they are never going to complain about title editing for clarity's sake.

To me the most important function of the forum is not solving one individual users issue, but the knowledge base it provides so many others may find solutions to similar problems.

I am definitely not going to start asking permission on every network thread I respond to if I can modify their title so other users have a clue what the actual issue is. Many titles are the reason users do not get adequate help. A proper title will get you far more assistance from qualified assistants on the forum than:



You are right. I don't like it when it happens to my own topic, but it often can be useful.