Discord need update, can no longer use it

Discord won’t let me connect till its updated.

0.0.23-1 will be coming along shortly.

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Just stop using the repo package it is always the same story. Download Discord from their website, extract it somewhere in your Home folder, add a .desktop file locally to point to Discord local installation, and you’re done, it will update when it needs to.

Alternatively you can also use the beaten to death solutions everywhere on the forum since a year at least, or the Arch WIKI, to avoid the connection issue on Discord updates.


Oh, it’s that topic again: Search results for 'can't update discord' - Manjaro Linux Forum


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Another update just released :innocent:

0.0.24-1 will be coming along shortly.

Why not go with Flatpak version? That is always working for me and I never face an issue. I tend to look into repo if I cannot find the app in Flatpak.