Discord Emoji Fonts

Hey guys. So I have a question regarding the Discord page that is in the AUR.

Some usernames with Emojis in them are not displaying properly on XFCE; however they work just fine in KDE and so far haven't been able to find a solution.

XFCE: GnishaDiscordEmoji
Should be: Gnisha :penguin:

I'm guessing its just a font package or something that I'm missing, but I have all the recommended packages installed, etc. Anyone have any ideas?

The AUR page of Discord mentions two fonts for emoji support as optional dependencies - ttf-symbola and noto-fonts-emoji.

If you have both of these fonts installed, judging from the posted picture I would assume that the default font for emojis in your system is ttf-symbola. If you have no need for this specific font you can simply uninstall it and use noto-fonts-emoji as the default one.

In any other case you'll need to follow what the Arch Wiki suggests for setting default fonts:


Wow. I'm surprised I didn't think of that before.



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