Discord app does not know what applications im running

discord application does not know what apps i run to stream on channles what can i do to discord know the applications not screens and im in kde plasma version
tnx for helping :slight_smile:

Discord being able to recognize games or apps on Linux has been a bit hit and miss for me.

Are you running a Flatpak or Snap version? These being sandboxed would make it harder for Discord to see what you have running.

im using snap version and i dont want to know what game im playing i just wanna know what applications im running (in stream you have section names “Applications”) can you help me with this ?

I’m sorry. I misunderstood.

You want to share your application/screen while in a video/voice chat. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to bow my head in shame as I am unfamiliar with how XFCE is setup. But it might be worth installing Discord from the community repo instead of the snap and see if that helps.