[Discontinued] Cleanjaro XFCE 19.08.3a

As a result of all the recent changes with Manjaro, regarding snaps/flatpak, freeoffice, out-of-tree Canonical kernel patches, GRUBs non-standard operation etc... I have decided to create a clean spin called Cleanjaro.

The default shipping kernel (with it's own extramodules) have removed the OOT Canonical junk and have returned the kernel to a state much closer to those that Arch ship. Only kernel 5.2 is currently offered as a Cleanjaro kernel. All other kernels are Manjaro stock for now.

  • Snaps/flatpaks are opt in, NOT opt out. Enable them yourself from repo if needed.
  • Choose between Libreoffice (fresh & still), OnlyOffice or no office suite, it's up to you.
  • GRUB has been returned to its standard and expected operation. No more hidden menus or "silent" mode.
  • MS office online is completely removed.
  • Steam has been removed. (Add it back easy with 'sudo pacman -Syu steam-manjaro').
  • Added transmission for torrent support.
  • Added yay for AUR support.
  • Replaced screenfetch with neofetch
  • Maybe other little things i can't remember right now...

I have made every attempt to remove all Manjaro branding/art work from the installation media, if i have missed something then please let me know.

This is an unofficial Manjaro spin and uses a custom repo for it's own packages, for example grub-clean and the 5.2 kernel/extramodules. As well as using the Manjaro repos for everything else used.

Oh and feel free to go nuts with customising your themes. It’s recommended :wink:


How do you install/maintain kernels? Do you have your own repo?


Ah. I overlooked that, sorry.
Can I also ask if your you intend to publish your iso-profile, kernel PKGBUILD and the fork of manjaro-tools which enables custom repos? Is there a github where we can see those?

My github is in my profile, I’m pretty sure I’ve uploaded everything except the iso profile right now. I will double check later though and add what’s missing, if anything. The github isn’t pretty right now.

I didn’t need to fork Manjaro tools for adding custom repos. I simply edited it’s configs and used overlays :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: The iso profile is now uploaded too.

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Well, that's actually just a kernel package ...
Where are the PKGBUILD and config?
What about extramodules?

It’s all together in the kernel repo, extramodules too. Hence the packages name. Some stuff you’ll just have to download and extract to look at.

I see. Got it.

Good luck with keeping all the modules in sync with upstream packages and other kernels! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well, adding tarballs to a git repo is not always wise. It would be better to upload each file separately.

You seem to be forgetting about stuff like certain utils, virtualbox, mhwd...
As long as you are providing both your custom kernel and official manjaro at the same time everything has to match.
In any case I would urge you to NOT provide any other kernels/modules than the one you build yourself. Otherwise this can quickly get pretty messy.
Also, since your goal is to avoid some of our patches, it doesn't seem to make sense to offer our kernels in your installs.

Virtualbox extramodules are in and working fine on my test systems. As is mhwd for finding and setting my only nvidia (k620) test system and the rest are amd, all no issues.

I have no idea what utils you’re talking about other than the nvidia ones which I seem to have put into the kernel bundle on my github by mistake.


As I said in the initial post, this is only for now.


Downloaded it, tried & installed it in Virtualbox, & it sounds working fine ! :wink:
(& even with only one kernel that you will have to take care of in the future, why not..?)

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Thanks, I’ll slowly be changing over all the kernels to be closer to Arch and remove any Canonical junk as needed. The 4 series seems ok at a quick glance, so it looks like it’ll only be the 5 series needed.

thanks @anon34396487, nice project :muscle: !
why not cooperate with @tiotrom with TROM-jaro ?
it seems to me that this two spins born from similar ideas ...

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do you use mhwd in your iso.
in long term i think you should avoid it if you want a clean system without manjaro kernels.
asfar as i know
it depends on a lot of manjaro things.

also its a very good idea to avoid manjaro grub.
i am also gonna do it.
just i will add grub-git as i want Plymouth to work.
i have wasted time trying to change calamares modules to enable Plymouth and grub cfg
changes like disabling grub savedefault
as i use btrfs and promote it as default fs.

and the manjaro grub never added splash.
in grub cmd default=
when the calamares installed the system.

I was wondering that too. While the ideas are different, there is significant overlap. Co-operation might be useful

Yes i do and there is also no reason to not use it. MHWD is an awesome feature of Manjaro. The Cleanjaro repo overrides the standard Manjaro repo, meaning if the cleanjaro/manjaro repos both contain packages of the same name, only the cleanjaro version is offered. Pacman will always use the first repo in its list to over rule the repo listed below it. You can use that feature to your advange in cases like this.

Very good idea, GRUB should function as everyone expects it. :+1:

They do have similar ideas i agree. We will have to see, may be :man_shrugging:

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never knew thanks will try

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What's your thoughts/opinion on maintaining an lts and current kernel i.e Arch and Solus?

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