Disco apps ffox office chrome an what ever else they want to be on

Im wondering if others experience apps flashing off and on it happens in several apps. Im having to use my phone for this. I feel i have been hacked again i hope yous can help bc av had this problem for long enough. Firewalls vpns nothing helps it makes me want to smash my computer. But what a d… they must be fgs. Thanks

Hi @jhall,

If it keeps happening, it is likely a hardware problem or even possibly a misconfiguration, and seeing as my crystal ball decided to stop working, and I think that isn’t just mine, but everyone’s, sadly we can’t divine stuff and need more information from you. See:

Hope you manage!

:bangbang: Tip: :bangbang:

To provide terminal output, copy the text you wish to share, and paste it here, surrounded by three (3) backticks, a.k.a grave accents. Like this:

pasted text

Or three (3) tilde signs, like this:

pasted text

This will just cause it to be rendered like this:

Portaest sed
cursus nisl nisi
hendrerit ac quis
tortor sit leo commodo.

Instead of like this:

Portaest sed elementum cursus nisl nisi hendrerit ac quis sit adipiscing tortor sit leo commodo.

Alternatively, paste the text you wish to format as terminal output, select all pasted text, and click the </> button on the taskbar. This will indent the whole pasted section with one TAB, causing it to render the same way as described above.

Thereby improving legibility and making it much easier for those trying to be of assistance.

:bangbang::bangbang: Additionally

If your language isn’t English, please prepend any and all terminal commands with LC_ALL=C. For example:

LC_ALL=C bluetoothctl

This will just cause the terminal output to be in English, making it easier to understand and debug.

Yeah, I know. Not very helpful for a phone, but it is what it is and more information is required.

But to answer your question:

No. No, I have never experienced something like that. Neither with Manjaro, nor any other distribution.

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Both your title and post are practically nonsensical with spelling errors and invented abbreviations. Please see How to Post and make appropriate edits. If no one can read and understand your post, no one can help you.



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Without evidence to the contrary I very much doubt that this was ever the case - except when you count a roommate or family member messing with your (physically available) system as “being hacked”.

The others have said it already:
provide description of the issue/problem
read through the provided links

give context - and in general information that gives an outsider something concrete to go on


Thanks but av had the issue a long long time, my laptop is owned by who ever this is. it also happens when am offline to the point ov forensic analysis, they say its ok but they only come on when they want to and mess with me.

Very strange companions and strange situation as well.

With friends like these you don’t need enemies is my evaluation of what I understood of the situation.

Not a Manjaro issue - whatever issues you have are due to your “friends”.

… encrypted installation (if you do install it - as opposed to you are just using what is already there)
and shut it down when not using it
will prevent anyone else from using it/messing with it

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Thanks man but its gone on like this for me for years now fgs am so sick ov it. I worked for its inventors and told them exactly what I thought ov them. This attack is on whem am offline to like big brother only i dont know what to do about it it drives me insane and they know it. Can you imagine 30 years ov it…thanks again

no - and for the record:
I don’t understand at least half of what you said
because of things like “fgs” and you speaking of inventors

none of it I can make sense of

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Since you have completely ignored both myself and the helpful volunteers that provided information about how to help us help you, your topic is now temporarily hidden (aka unlisted). Once you have read, understood and followed those instructions, your post will be restored.

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Sorry it has me so wound up. I used to work with the ppl who started windows an pissed them off but this is something else its already on before my os. I just wish I knew what to do other than not bother with computers

Thank you for your help but this is hacked by who knows but i dont need to be on line for it to happen

I really have not the faintest idea what it could be that you are talking about :man_shrugging: or how that info could be of help to understand your issue.

Sorry im hacked an thats it idk if old i5s are not secure but my ryzan 5 seams fine. I wish i could explain it better but av been trying to video it… thanks again

nahh - you are not
That much I’m certain about from what you have been telling here.

Blaming it on CPU architecture is not productive.
… unless you have not just a conviction or a hunch, but evidence instead :man_shrugging:
… which you don’t have …

Provide information!
Not your guesses.

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Then do it. First step would be stop vomiting gobbledygook all over our screens and use a spell checker. If you don’t, then this thread will be closed. This is a support forum, not a social network or instant messenger.

I highly doubt it. Do you know how many people I’ve heard say that as an explanation for something they don’t understand?

Want to hear a story? One day when the internet went down, I rebooted the wireless gateway. I was standing nearby looking at my phone while waiting for it to finish rebooting. My roommate noticed he lost Wi-Fi on his phone, so he walked out to see what was going on. He saw me standing there looking at my phone, so his paranoid delusion was I was “hacking the internet.” :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:

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Thanks for your reply but this in on my pc even in airplane mode i hope others get this to see what am on about an i cant post a video bc the forum dont support it. Im hacked an messed around.

AFAIK “Airplane mode” is a cellphone thing. So I have no idea what you are talking about, really. Also, it just shows that it’s not, in fact, “hacked”. Seeing as it happens when you’re offline, this “Airplane mode” you speak of, there is no physical or wireless connection to your PC to be “hacked”, as you put it, through.

If there is no such thing, I reiterate my point that you are experiencing some kind of hardware problem. That is, if you really are.

And if so, we need more information about this. Even from a live environment.

And, I know you’re on your phone and it’s frustrating, but ranting and raving like that will just cause everyone trying and capable of helping you not to bother with the effort. That is nothing Manjaro’s, or even Linux’d, it’s purely human nature.

Well you cannot post videos here, for sure, but since you are TL1, you can post pictures and links. Therefore, I would suggest you, since you are not able to provide system logs, uploading the video somewhere else and post the link here.

Anyway, it would be better to get a log of your system, so one can investigate what the issue is on your side:

Open a terminal and type, or copy & paste, it into the command line:

system information

inxi -Fv7azy

current system log

journalctl --boot 0 --no-pager

You can combine it with a pipe |, to upload it publically:

inxi -Fv7azy | curl -F 'file=@-' https://0x0.st
journalctl --boot 0 --no-pager | curl -F 'file=@-' https://0x0.st

It will print a link on the terminal, which you can post here.

Hope that helps you, however: no information, no help. Help us to help you.

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