Discard option in filesystem

Should I enable discard in filesystem?
Is fstrim capable of trimming the ssd weekly without ‘discard’ enabled?

If you have an ssd remove discard from your /etc/fstab and enable periodic trim by

systemctl enable --now fstrim.timer

Currently, the recommended method. Will trim your mounted ssd partitions, weekly.

Solid state drive - ArchWiki

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Yup…have enabled fastrim

Haven’t selected ‘discard’ during installation…so I was confused whether to enable that or not…seems like all is ok… Thnx :grinning:

You can check the status by

systemctl status fstrim.timer

Yup…I was confused by the ‘discard’ word there:

" The service executes fstrim on all mounted filesystems on devices that support the discard operation."

Yup…it is active…trim every week

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