Disappearing header links provide no added value

I agree. The panel stays and disappearing links/menus provide absolutely no added value. Horrible and useless, even hindering design. This should be submitted to the... how is this forum engine named? disqourse?

Most of the time I spend time with scrolled down content so although I've been using this forum from the very beginning, I never noticed those links... I always search it outside if I want something from wiki. Never thought I could access it directly from the forum. So it's not newbies who fall victim of this bad design.

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It uses different software afaik, but for instance in the Vivaldi [browser] forum, scrolling downwards can make the header stay or hide depending on user settings, but even if user sets it to disappear then, even the slightest upscroll reveals it again [unlike here where full return to top is needed]... best of both worlds IMO.

For OP, now that you know where the Wiki is, if you fear you might someday forget it again because of its "shyness", simply bookmark it so you have a fast fallback option to get to it.

Hmmm, the above info is technically correct but practically wrong. For anyone accessing the V forum using one of the V browsers [Snapshot or Stable], AND who has installed the community-created special forum extension, what i said above is correct. For everyone else, my earlier words will appear to be untrue.

Move along, nothing to see here, these are not the droids for whom you're looking.

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Yes, I do nothing else the day long :smiley:


The reason is "disappears" is for situations like:

The header links are from an extension, not part of Discourse. I can configure the links to stay put, but then only Wiki and GitLab actually do, and it makes long thread titles more difficult to read.

Given the links show on every top-level view, having them hidden while halfway down a thread seems like a pretty minor issue.


Then maybe it's good to discuss it. Frankly, I don't need to see the full topic name on the forum panel, because I know what I clicked and I don't need to check where am I, so I see no perks of having the full topic on the cost of links. On other hand, gitlab and wiki links are not needed on a daily usage either. However, I never noticed it, so there may be more users who also never see it.

Anyway, if there is a way to switch the links permanently on for some time and see if it generates any complains? Maybe there is a valid reason of the current setting but only I can't see it, at least right now.

I like the left right link changing from general forum link to the space on the forum we are in. This isn't the issue. Just to make it clear. Just disappearing gitlab and wiki links create some confusion.

Sure, I'll "flip the switch" and then you can see how annoying it looks.

Refresh the page and you should get the new setting.

(Personally, when I'm "in a thread" I severely dislike the extra text being there)

Well, OK. I can't wait :smiley:. Announcement topics have long topics so there is definitely plenty of testing topics.

Post #2 must be in the old thread. :wink: Please :slight_smile:

Hm. Apparently the database is broken as I can't re-merge those posts into the other thread. It just throws a 500 error. :weary: So, I've manually re-created the posts.

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Uh, you need to be paid for the moderation :wink: . Maybe ask philm for a raise... :wink: . I'm joking

Maybe in the future, who knows? Anyway, back to the new topic, let us know when the header links will be switched on.

They're "on".


Tbh, i like it better now with the header visible all the time. Then again, i'm weird.

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OK. I see that only Download link is disappearing now. Wiki and Gitlab stay. A good compromise. So far I have no reservations, all looks good and functional IMO:

For me it's all good now. What do you think?


I strongly dislike it. To my eyes it unbalances the top bar and spoils the aesthetics.

The fact that Download still auto-hides also means the behaviour is inconsistent.

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I thought you set specifically Download to hide and left the rest. Hmm... Anyway, people usually first find Manjaro page, download iso and later on join the forum, so it's not that important, while wiki and gitlab may be needed during a browsing the forum.

I'm usually very focused on esthetics and can't stand if something feels off, but in this case, I see no issue. The forum UI is responsive and may scale differently based on the monitor resolution, so maybe this looks different on your end. I see no esthetics loos with that setting.

Besides, I would say, even if the forum looses a tiny bit of esthetics (which is subjective), it gains functionality which is more important.

Let's see what others have to say thou.

I think it's nice how it is at the moment but more important that the loading times stay fast :slight_smile:
I don't like it when everything on a website is moved when you scroll (not here, the few things at the top of the bar). Looks great, of course, but at my age you quickly lose the overview :smiley:

Try to open topics with a long name and then check if it bothers you or not. For example:

It is ok so, with me only 'download' disappears, what I rarely need :slight_smile:
the rest remains (wiki , gitlab).
On i3wm I use half monitor (1920x2100px) for browser, perfect.

OK, for now, is 2 (wiki, gitlab stays) to 1. Anyone else with an opinion? I'm surprised I have to ask, you know how it goes "opinions are like as$$holes, everyone has one" :smiley:.

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Not me. I have an arsehole.

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