Disable update for a specific software

Short question: Is there any way to stop pamac from checking for updates for a specific software?

It’s possible – see pamac preferences or pacman arch wiki. But its highly unrecommended and is’s simple way to broke your system.

If you’re talking about this setting I have already tried that but pamac seems to ignore it.

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Hi @CGA,

It can be done, yes, although I do no know if it’s recommended or not.

Edit the /etc/pacman.conf file and add the IgnorepPkg= line:

$ sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf

Insert the line in the [Options] section. The line is space seperated and can contain multiple packages. For example:

IgnorePkg = icecat lib32-nvidia-utils linux510-nvidia linux54-nvidia mhwd-nvidia mhwd-nvidia-390xx nvidia-utils

(Don’t worry, it’s commented out now, was just testing something.)

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! I’ll try the pacman.conf method. It’s just a game so I doubt it will cause any major havoc. :slight_smile:

Edit: Turns out it was already there. Wonder if it has anything to do with the package name having a version number in it. In that case it’s almost impossible to block it if you don’t know the coming version numbers unless there is a possibility to use wildcards.

I have absolutely no idea and plead useless yer honor!


That’s an AUR package, for me blocking AUR apps with IgnorePkg works fine, I’ve just checked with dracut-git:

:: Checking development packages...
 -> dracut-git: ignoring package upgrade (052.r4.5387ed24-1 => latest-commit)

Make sure there is no # symbol in the beginning of the string where IgnorePkg is defined.
Try not using Pamac, maybe it is its fault, use yay for the time being (or from now on if you like it).

Ok, thanks, will try yay next time.

Solved it myself if anyones interested. I added

openttd-jgrpp | grep -o ‘^.{13}’

to pacman.conf to force it to ignore the version number in the filename.

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