Disable the login window on i3

Hi, i don’t wont the loging window asking me the password any time i turn on my pc … How i quit it ? Where are the firsts files loaded when turn on the pc, to deactivate some things like the loging window !

Rather than disabling the login manager – that will make the system ask you to login from TTY instead – i think you’d rather want to enable autologin.
What’s the default login manager for i3 again?



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Using autologin will reveal other issues - such as the locked keyring issue.

Therefore another option is to disable lightdm - and use terminal to login - then run startx.

You can set setup your shell’s rc file (e.g. .bashrc or .zshrc) to launch startx automagically.

Unlike Windows - Linux is a born multiuser system - therefore identifying the user is important and cannot be avoided or skipped.