Disable paste on middle click


I recently finally decided to switch from Windows to linux and I choosed Manjaro.
And so far I managed to setup everything but I encounter basically deal breaker.
Middle click (AKA clicking mouse wheel) pastes clipboard. And I would want
to ask how to tweak it. Because it is major road block. I use a lot of programs
that uses middle click and there are completely broken under Manjaro’s middle
click. Anyone know if it is possible to make middle click behave like normal?
Also I don’t care if the solution is ugly or setup in the weird way, as long as it
works I am going to use it.
I am using KDE Plasma.

You mean “Windows programs” because… :arrow_down:

Pasting on middle-click is normal in GNU/Linux and other UNIX systems.

It would be better for you in the long run to… :arrow_down:

  • start using GNU/Linux-native applications for whatever you use those Windows applications for; and…

  • get your mind out of the Windows mindset, because that mindset is specific to Windows only.

That said, look into… :arrow_down:

man 5 xorg.conf

Mind you, that’s a very technical read.

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