Disable middle mouse click

I HATE middle mouse click. It is one of the worst features to ever exist, and there seems to be no way to disable it. Every time i want to click-scroll, open a link in another tab or close a tab etc. etc. I end up pasting something random.

The solutions people always suggest are:
->Right click>configure>mouse functions, but that only disables it on the desktop.
->Use gnome tools, but I'm running KDE so that's out (I think..?)
->Disable it in firefox, but that still leaves all the other applications I use, and I can't find a way to disable it in all of them (even if I could I wouldn't go though each and every application and disable it)
->Disable middle mouse click all together, but that gets rid of SO many useful functions that I use daily.

PLEASE tell me there is some simple solution to disable this? I think I'd sooner wipe linux and move back to windows then have it enabled. Thanks in advanced

You could try a Wayland session.

You could try this:

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I installed the xmousepasteblock from the AUR. How do Iadd it to my startup or whatever I have to do? And how do you mean a wayland session?

Read this about the AUR:

Wayland is the replacement for the X server. It doesn't have the middle click paste feature since there are potential security issues with it. I think it is installed by default, but you could open octopi and search for plsasma-wayland-session if it's installed your good to go, you need to log out and on the log in screen select plasma-wayland for the session.

Sorry misread your question,

in system settings there is a startup and shutdown section you can add it there.

Yeah, Just found it. All seems to be working. Thanks!


Good luck

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