Disable a display but keep audio output

Hello everyone

I wasn’t sure where to put this question, which is why it’s in General.

I have two monitors connected directly to my graphics card, and a TV connected to an external amp. The amp is also connected to my graphics card. I use the amp for audio output from the PC and the TV.

So the connections are like this:
Monitor > GPU display port
Monitor > GPU display port
TV > Amp > GPU HDMI port

In Display Configuration, the TV is identified by the name of the amp. Disabling this display also disables audio from the amp, which is undesirable. Also, any interaction with the TV causes KWin to crash. KWin will also sometimes open windows on the TV, which is also undesirable.

Is there a way to configure the desktop to not use the TV as a display, but keep the audio outputting to the amp?

Thank you in advance.

No, that’s not possible because disabling the HDMI port disables both audio and video as those are different electrical connections on the same cable.