DigiKam red pixels

opening CR2 file with Digikam Editor I see red pixels.

Opening the same image with Gwenview is correctly interpreted.

Here the differences:

On the left Gwenview and on the right Digikam.

Can you see those red pixels?
Why it’s happening?

If I convert the CR2 in other formats and import in Digikam, there are not those red pixels.

Here my setting in DigiKam:

I would think:

The CR2 displayed in DigiKam is a RAW image, meaning no image processing (like noise reduction) has been done.

The image displayed in Gwenview is the embedded JPEG in the CR2 file.

CR2 has an embedded JPEG which has the in-camera processing applied.

What was the ISO setting and which camera model? (that may explain the grain)

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Hi Pippin. I did many tests with other applications and I came to your conclusion.
Yes, even if it’s RAW Gwenview create e JPEG preview with noise reduction.
Many thanks for your help.

Camera: Canon EOS M10
ISO: 800

ISO 800 would explain it.

Merry Christmas.

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Merry Xmas to you :slight_smile:

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