DigiKam not working

" digiKam is mainly developed for KDE, but works just as well on other desktop environments."
I keep seeing this but I cannot get it to work on Manjaro-Xfce. It seems to install and load ok (I’ve tried both AUR and pamac) but it will not allow me to make an album, change the default theme, import photos (probably because it won’t let me have an album to import them to), and other problems. Is there some kind of code or interface manipulation that will get it to work in Manjaro-Xfce?

Well when I remember your previous thread, then there was a problem with /home. If you cannot change anything and digikam does it in your home folder, then I assume the owner for the files and folders do not match your current account id. Therefore, you don’t have write permissions, although you can view them.

You have to correct the owner and group.

Maybe this helps to correct the issue:

sudo chown --recursive $USER:$USER /home/$USER

First, Megavolt, I’m impressed that you remembered my /home problem. Thank you for that. (I’m still working on the problem of too many extra directories in my non-root partition.)
I did try the ownership command, but after seeing your message went back and ran it in /home/chas/.local/share/digikam/ and I can now create albums and download pix. So thank you a second time for that.
The theme, though, is still stuck in the clunky default version and I still cannot change it. Not a major, world-ending problem, but I do seem to have an emotional aversion to too much whiteness. When I try to select a different theme, nothing happens. Any ideas about that?

Most likely, since you use XFCE and not KDE, the selected theme is not installed and therefore it changes nothing.

No idea which theme should be installed, since I am not using digikam and KDE. :man_shrugging: