Digikam not starting (after update )

i get the following error when starting digikam

ASSERT failure in KCatalogPrivate::setupGettextEnv: “You need to instantiate a Q*Application before using KCatalog”, file /build/ki18n-git/src/ki18n/src/kcatalog.cpp, line 211

i am on testing manjaro kde version

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  1. If you’re on the [testing] branch, you’re better off following the testing announcements and posting any issues there.

    [Testing Update] 2021-02-05 - Kernels, Gnome 40-Alpha, KDE Apps 20.12.2, Systemd, Mesa, LibreOffice 7.1

  2. Alternatively, If you’re not a Linux wizard, you’re better off switching to the stable version


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