Digicam fails to connect (PTP mode)

Hi guys,

when connecting an old Fiji JZ200 digicam, it doesn’t show up in Thunar; also, when launching Shotwell, it is listed there, but when clicking on it, Shotwell segfaults. I see the following line in the dmesg output:

[ 151.066151] gvfs-gphoto2-vo[1153]: segfault at 0 ip 00007fcfa4025bf1 sp 00007ffc7d8b1e38 error 4 in libc-2.32.so[7fcfa3fa3000+14d000]

The same digicam used to work earlier, so it is unlikely a hardware problem, also the owner could test it with a Windows machine and it works fine there. I see that gvfs-photo2 is at version 1.44.1-4 currently, while in Arch there was a a jump from 1.44.1-2 to 1.46.1-1. However, I couldn’t find the package (and thus the update log) at Gitlab…

Any ideas about how to proceed here?

Thanks for any input!

Hi, you could try to upgrade it with downgrade:

downgrade gvfs-gphoto2

You will be able to select version 1.46, which is on manjaro in unstable branch at the moment.

If there are dependencies needed, upgrade them also. But the order of the packages is important!

gvfs-gphoto2 comes directly from arch. It is not on gitlab.manjaro.org.

@megavolt Instructions for switching branch are available in the WIKI.

Thanks, I will try asap, don’t have access to this machine till next weekend, unfortunately. :slight_smile: