Diffrent panels show the same windows

First time posting here and new to Manjaro.

I’ve created a second panel for my second screen. My windows shows there but the problem is every window shows on all panels. For me there is no need at all to show a windows across all screens in all panels.
I’d like to have the windows on the current screen show in the panel on that screen. I just get cluttery the way things are right now.
Can’t seem to find any guide or so on how to fix it and that’s why I’m asking :slightly_smiling_face:.

My regards

Untick Show windows from all monitors.


That seems like a perfect solution!
Only problem is, i can’t find it!
Can i open this panel plugin via terminal?

If you can’t access a plugin properties directly, you can do so through the panel properties.

Ok so i found my way into the window button’s properties dialog where the option is.

The way in is: Panel PreferencesItemsMark “Windows Buttons”Click the edit button as in the picture → Untick Show windows from all monitors.

Ty for the help maycne.sonahoz, much appreciated !

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