Difficult Navigating Forum on Mobile using "Safari"

I am starting to notice that using the Manjaro forums (and to a lesser extent the new site) from my iPhone (Xs Max, using Safari) adds some additional problems not seen (or not as severe) as when using a computer. Please understand my goal here is not to complain, but to make the Manjaro folks aware of possible issues to improve the site/forum or to understand what I am doing wrong, if anything.

  1. Navigation at times seems impossible
  2. Some aspects of the site get cut off
  3. Search is practically (maybe related to 1)

As for #1, an example is I was trying to get to the "Linux Humor" post from my phone. I load the forum page, which is organized by default by category which is fine (not logged in). On a computer, the category "Off-Topic" is displayed between "Meta" and "Deutsch". On my phone this category is simply not listed at all.

On a computer, from the main page showing categories, the top left has a box "all categories" from which I can click and essentially get the same list as what is given on the page to navigate to a desired category. On mobile this box is not available from the main page. If I go to a category this box is then present (which currently has the name of the category I am in vs "all categories"). I can select this drop down on mobile and am presented with a list that also does not display the "Off-topic" category.

TL:DR for #1. Its virtually impossible to navigate to the "Off-topic" category on mobile unless I know the URL and manually go to it.

With #2, the home page makes it very difficult to find the forum and a few other resources from my phone. I cant even imagine with phones with lower resolution or smaller screens (though people using those may be more used to needing to scroll to see everything).

On the home page, clicking the menu icon at the top right of the screen shows each major category as expected (Downloads, Features, etc.). I know forums is under "More | Support | Forum", but when I tap on "more" I am presented with the header "Lists", four links and seemingly nothing else. It essentially cuts off at just the "right" spot to make it look like there is nothing after the 4 links and there is no indication that scrolling is an option to see additional options. Even knowing I have to scroll, the site has problems determining if I want to scroll the actual page or the menu.

TL;DR for #2. The "More" menu gets cut off on mobile just after the "Links" options and shows no indication that scrolling will present more options including the forums.

#3 Its pretty simple, but search is essentially useless to me on mobile. It seems to mostly return irrelevant results and has rarely, if ever given me what I am looking for.

Part of this could be because I am searching for things after not seeing any sign of them trying to navigate categories. Its very possible this is linked to #1 and is just a symptom of those specific areas of the forum not being in the navigation either.

Ex: Searching for the "Linux Humor" post. That search returns 42 results none of which appear to be the topic titled exactly "Linux Humor". The search works just fine on a computer returning that topic as the first result.

TL;DR for #3. Search on mobile seems to be unable to find relevant results, maybe limited to #1's issue of missing content. IE: Searching "Linux Humor" returns 42 results but not the actual "Linux Humor" post, however this works as expected from a computer


Are there any alternative browsers available these days from apple's app store? I know they are strict about such thing but the reason I ask, I've not been able to recreate any of the above problems using Firefox or Chrome from my Android devices. They too use the mobile versions of the forum so maybe it's the way safari mobile handles the scripts?

Also, Off-topic is usually only visible to logged in users so that the contents is hidden from search bots.


Yea other broswers are available but my understanding is that only Safari supports extensions, and I use an ad blocker.

I was unaware of this. I am going to assume this is the problem then, makes sense. Later I will login on mobile and check.