Different UI after fresh install, not as shown on the webpage of I3wm

I use i3wm as my primary DE.Yesterday, I did a fresh installation of i3wm, downloading iso from the Manjaro website. But after installation instead of getting Manjaro’s customized UI (i3-gaps and other panels) I got vanilla i3. I tried reinstalling the system but same thing continues. Also there are no softwares preinstalled like firefox which usually ships with Manjaro i3. Is there a way to get the Manjaro’s customization after installation? and why would this happen if I used the correct iso?

Thanks in advanced.

You probably installed the minimal ISO …
Install manjaro-i3-settings then copy all files from /etc/skel/ to your home directory and restart i3wm.

Are dot files and folders … aka they have a . at the begging of their name, hence are hidden by default in your File Manager. Either you enable to show them, or you do the copy via terminal.

Sorry there are hidden files. Copied it to the home folder and restarted i3 but no changes.

from this site:

i3 & sway are no longer offical, so you have to grab updated versions from community.

Doing the install right now from that ISO, and the installer looks as is supposed to look

and the installed system looks as is supposed

yeap, that’s how i remember it.
i prefer sway, much more tweakable.

Are two different profiles, different ISO, different maintainers … not sure what the OP is looking for tho.

yep, 2 different, yet kinda the same.
most people start with i3, then later move to sway. some just start with sway. i’ll add a link for him.

Is i3 officialy supported by Manjaro team or only sway ?

Official ISO are XFCE, KDE, and GNOME, as you can see on the page Manjaro - Downloads

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both i3 & sway are unofficial, been kicked to the curb. luckily there’s community versions.
just not enough user base to justify the work i would guess.

i just did my current install from minimal+sway & there’s a lot more settings than a normal desktop version, very time consuming to setup a wm to be on par to a desktop.

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