Different ouput between top and htop

When I run top it shows PID 1 command is systemd.
When I run htop it shows PID 1 command is /sbin/init (as I had expected).
Can anyone tell me why there is a discrepancy between the two?
This is a learning issue, not a system outage issue.
Taking a course on Linux administration and just caught this difference and wondered why.

Here you can see a detailed explanation

Also, if you take a look
/sbin/init is a symlink to /lib/systemd/systemd
plus they use different sources of information. /proc/1/cmdline (htop = cat /proc/1/cmdline) shows how the process was invoked, while /proc/1/stat (top = cat /proc/1/stat) shows that the process name is systemd .

Just wanted to clarify my response and gratitude.
Good explanation.
Complicated (topic), but good (explanation).