Different configuration in hybrid graphic card on kde plasma and gnome

I have dual graphic Intel 5500 and NVIDIA 920M. When i install gnome edition Manjaro and check inxi - G I see that driver in section display server is nouveau.
When I install KDE Plasma and also check inxi and see that driver in section display server is modesetting.
What is reason different configuration spin gnome and KDE Plasma? It important that I have installed driver nouveau and Intel. Why load modesetting whíle I have installed Intel and nouveau in kde Plasma? In gnome it load nouveau.

Hello @Pawef :wink:

I am not 100% sure yet, but what I am sure about is that modesetting work in KMS (Kernel Mode Setting) while a normal driver works in UMS (User-Space Mode Setting). All Open Source drivers support KMS.

So, I guess, on KDE the dGPU work in KMS und the iGPU works in UMS. No idea what this actuality means at the end, but both driver are loaded, but in different settings.

Do see any differences in functionality?

Mode setting - Wikipedia

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But at other distro for e. g. Fedora it load nouveau also at Kde Plasma. Exactly at Manjaro spin Kde Plasma it isn’t load nouveau. Even, when I add to mkinicpio.conf nouveau to KMS doesnt change anything.

To be 100% sure, check the xServer logs. xWayland works only in KMS.