Differences in packaging make deepin-extras uninstallable


As things are currently packaged, you cannot install the group deepin-extras unless you manually exclude the package, deepin-community-wallpapers.

This is due to the fact that upstream, deepin-wallpapers is a split package, but in Manjaro it is a single monolithic package. Because of this, @oberon updated the deepin-wallpapers package to both conflict with and provide deepin-community-wallpapers. This resolves the issue of file overlap but creates the problem with the extras group install because it creates an unresolvable conflict.

I suppose, the argument could be made that the end-user should manually figure out to exclude the package but it seems like there are a lot of ways to fix it so that they wouldn’t need to.




What are your suggestions?
In fact the package deepin-community-wallpapers was split out at a later point in time when our version of deepin-wallpapers already existed.
The only clean ways I can currently think of solving the issue would be to either

  • repackage deepin-community-wallpapers and remove it from group deepin-extra or
  • remove or rename the conflicting wallpapers in both packages…


… or

  • create a new package with the manjaro specific wallpapers only …


Problem with this is that people with existing installs will receive an update of their installed package deepin-wallpapers and all Manjaro wallpapers will be removed from their system …



Idea 1:

  • Remove the conflicting files from deepin-wallpapers
  • Update the provides/conflicts on deepin-wallpapers

Idea 1(version b):

  • Make deepin-wallpapers a split package similar to how it is packaged upstream.
  • Continue to include the Manjaro specific wallpapers in it

Idea 2:

  • Repackage deepin-community-wallpapers and remove it from deepin-extras

Idea 3:

  • Put the manjaro deepin wallpapers in a separate package
  • Make it a dependency of manjaro-deepin
  • Let deepin-wallpapers come in from upstream

Idea 4(aka “the hack”):

  • Replace deepin-community-wallpapers with a dummy package
  • Update the provides/conflicts on deepin-wallpapers

There are probably more ways to handle it that someone more experienced with packaging could come up with. In fact, given more time I am sure I could come up with some truly terrible hacks that would also resolve it.

For other people reading this, it is worth noting that the conflicting files are not the Manjaro specific files, it is a subset of the files in deepin-community-wallpapers that are also included in deepin-wallpapers.

To me, #1 and #3 seem like the most elegant solutions. As you have already pointed out. #3 may cause some havoc with existing users.


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