Differences between ARM kernels

I have a RPI4 I use as media center (no D.E with Kodi).
Since I installed Manjaro on it 18 months ago, i use the default kernel (5.15.92-1-MANJARO-ARM-RPI today).

I am fine with it for my use, i do not want to upgrade it to 6.0, but my question is related to mainline kernel.

What are the differences between my kernel (which is non-mainline) and a mainline one ?
Thus, how do i know if such mainline kernel would be good for my need (mainly as mediacenter) ?

Is it related to kms things ?

Thanks for any input, and thanks to the team @Manjaro-Arm for your work :slight_smile:

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For the Raspberry Pi, we have 3 kernels that should work just fine out of the box.

These are linux-rpi4, linux-rpi4-mainline and linux-rpi4-rc.

The main difference between all these 3 kernels is the branch they are based on.

linux-rpi4: Is based on the current default branch that the Raspberry Pi foundation has in their kernel tree.
linux-rpi4-mainline: Is based on the branch from the RPi foundation that has the same series as the current released mainline kernel, which they call stable upstream, so currently 6.1.
linux-rpi4-rc: Is based on the branch from the RPi foundation that has the same series as the current “mainline”, as they call their release candidate branch, from upstream kernel.org, so currently 6.2-rc8.

They in essence use the same config when building.

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Thanks i got it now.
I was thinking there was a custom manjaro rpi kernel when i do a sudo /proc/version, i got Linux version 5.15.92-1-MANJARO-ARM-RPI

If i understand well linux-rpi4 is the LTS version

It is custom, in that it’s built using the Raspberry Pi’s source tree and not upstream kernel.org.

Correct. The default is usually based on the latest LTS from upstream.

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I was confused i think with the word mainline.
Mainline, here, does not mean a kernel build with upstream source, It means it builds on the same series (branch ?) as upstream but from the RPI Foundation source?


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