Difference between ffmpegthumbnailer and ffmpegthumbs

What exactly is the difference between these two packages?

Should I prefer one or the other when using KDE Plasma?

===> pacman -Sii  ffmpegthumbnailer ffmpegthumbs | grep -E '(Name|Description|Depends On|Required By)'
Name            : ffmpegthumbnailer
Description     : Lightweight video thumbnailer that can be used by file managers
Depends On      : ffmpeg  libjpeg  libpng
Required By     : deepin-album  deepin-camera  deepin-file-manager  deepin-image-editor  deepin-movie  geeqie  gerbera

Name            : ffmpegthumbs
Description     : FFmpeg-based thumbnail creator for video files
Depends On      : kio  ffmpeg  taglib
Required By     : kde-multimedia-meta

Since your desktop is KDE I’d say ffmpegthumbs.

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