Difference between 22.1.2 and 22.1.3?

What is the reason for the release of version 22.1.3?
The only difference I can see between manjaro-kde-22.1.2-230518-linux61.iso.pkgs and manjaro-kde-22.1.3-230526-linux61.iso.pkgs is changing manjaro-release 22.1.2-1 to manjaro-release 22.1.3-1.

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“Releases” dont really mean anything aside from asigning a number to the snapshot at the time.
Sometimes pre-installed packages may change between those times … sometimes it does not.
Manjaro as a rolling release system … doesnt really have releases beyond the ISOs. It means nothing for installed systems.

This is the first time I have seen a new snapshot that does not contain any package updates. So why make a new snapshot?

The patch version was incremented , that means some bug would be fixed.
But unfortunately, there is no changelog info.

If you don’t know what is the path version, read the rules of semantic versioning:

Seems the packages we build never landed in stable branch. Have to check again. At least I thought we did some kernel updates.

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