Didn't take the deja dup backup signature file with me is there a better way out of manual restoration?

To make a long story short I reinstalled Manjaro because I didn’t put swap space in the first time. Did a backup and took every file of said backup EXCEPT the tar with the signatures on it. I DO have the manifest though.

I did look around and found some answers. Going in the terminal and using cat to stitch the files back together works but there’s just so many files. Currently I go into the terminal, cd copy/paste destination of the multivol_snapshot files, cat them together, then put restored file where it belongs.

My question is, is there any way to cat multiple files at the same time instead of just doing it one by one? (e.g. folder 1 has pieces of photo A, folder 2 has pieces of photo B. Instead of going to the terminal and putting them back together folder by folder, is there a way to stitch together different photos at the same time?)



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