Did you received kde plasma 5.23 and python 3.10?

I am using Manjaro since july 2021 and i just love the it’s rolling nature , but in the last big update i was expecting arrival of KDE plasma version 5.23 and most important python version 3.10
but they both don’t arrived? mostly python 3.10
why? previously i noticed if a new version of python arrives it comes into Manjaro in the next day liked happened 3.9.6 to 3.9.7 just next day i saw the update and download that.
is there any issue? or just support ends?
Did you received those updated i mentioned?
and one more thing if some what of reason update does not arrives then i need to manually install python 3.10 , will there be some problem or system issue? or the version along will be updated in machine also , because the total system depends on python ruby and perl.

Plasma 5.23 is currently in Unstable and Testing branches. It probably was not in Testing when the last Stable update was made.

Python 3.10 is not even in Arch yet.


wait !! archlinux use python 3.9
If you want, only for test, exists in aur :wink:

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There are so many dependencies for Python < 3.10, so I guess the upgrade will take a few more weeks or even months.
For such a big change, all modules must be rebuilt and sometimes updated. (E.g. tensorflow doesn’t compile with 3.10 at the moment.)

The minor version updates 3.9.6 to 3.9.7 only change very little things and require virtually no testing from downstream modules.

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I understand Thank you sir :innocent:

Yeah then let’s give it a try :upside_down_face:

I totally understand sir
Thanks a lot :innocent:

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Okay sir

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