Did update now only get black screen with mouse cursor

I’ve been using manjaro for over a year now without any problems and today an update came down and asked to do a reboot. Did a reboot, but the screen goes black then stays black with a mouse cursor in the lower right, like it normally does on booting then just stays at that point. I can hear notifications from some applications so they are obviously running, just nothing useful shows on the screen. How can I troubleshoot what’s going on here?

I can get into tty3 (ctrl-f3)
I have tried uninstalling the hybrid intel-nvidia drivers. at first cuda was causing problems, I uninstalled that and uninstalled the nvidia driver and reinstalled it without any errors.
I’ve tried different kernels. It is running 5.12.8-1

If I do a ps -aux I can see all the programs I’d expect to be loaded running.

If I type startx I get back to the black sreen with the mouse cursor on the bottom

Can you post inxi -Fza ?

What graphics card do you have ?

It’s hard to post without a GUI and being on a different laptop. But according to that output there is a Intel UHD and a GeForce 2070 Mobile

I created a SSH server and grabbed the requested info, but It won’t let me post the output as it is telling me I can’t post links in my post. But there are no links in the post.

I’m not sure if it’s a gdm error or a graphics driver error.

I was just looking through the logs and I sas this pop up

> May 31 21:06:47 NatsDellG5 gsd-color[2898]: failed to set screen _ICC_PROFILE: Failed to open file “/var/lib/gdm/.local/share/icc/edid-1c6d97069fbd0ca6addb6546c64cc4bf.icc”: Permission denied
> May 31 21:06:47 NatsDellG5 gsd-color[1755]: failed to set screen _ICC_PROFILE: Failed to open file “/var/lib/gdm/.local/share/icc/edid-1c6d97069fbd0ca6addb6546c64cc4bf.icc”: Permission denied

Hi @phoniclynx,

I’m no expert, so this might not work.

From the error it looks like some kind of file permisions error. It might not be the cause of the problem, I don’t know, but it is an error non the less.

I’d suggest booting with a live ISO, entering a chroot environment, and running,

pacman -Ss

followed by running:

pacman -Syyuu

To sync everything again, perhapps, hopefully, fixing the permissions problem.

Hope this helps!

I think I’ve found the error… the problem was the update had modified the /var/lib/gdm files… so I took a hardball approach, stopped gdm and removed that directory and created it empty. I rebooted and everything came up.

Mind you… it’s not the same as it was before. Now Ive managed to get almost everything back to normal, cept the workspaces come up the top of the screen instead of on the side. The scroll left to right instead of up and down. The size of them is tiny up the top in the workspace preview.

I do not know how to get it back to the way that it was beforehand. I’ve tried copying that folder from another coimputer, but that only causes more errors.

That’s exactly why I said I think it needs to be synced. But, no reason to panic. Yet.

Just open a terminal and run:

sudo pacman -Ss

To synchronise the repositories, followed by:

sudo pacman -Syyyuu

To synchronise everything real good again.

when I do the update it says there is nothing to do

Try emptying the cache first:

sudo pacman -Scc

And ten trying to synchronise the repositories again:

sudo pacman

Followed by running:

sudo pacman -Syuu

again to synchronise everything.

If that still doesn’t work, try force reinstalling gdm:

sudo pacman -S gdm manjaro-gdm-branding manjaro-gdm-theme

If it still doesn’t work, then I’m officially out of ideas.

Hope it helps!

That didn’t work… I get the feeling it’s the default look to gnome… but I have no idea how to get it back to looking how Manjaro looked… All I did was remove “/var/lib/gmd”

If it didn’t work, I’m officially all out of ideas. Especially since I don’t have Gnome, or GDM for that matter, installed.

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