Did someone tested the new Deepin 15.11?

I have tested it today in the morning a bit cause I have read, that Huwai, the well known manufacturer of smartphones and laptops delivers it now on their new laptops. Reason: They have no further permission to deliver them with american technology.

So in some reports it is now stated as Huawei Linux, too.

As far as I have seen it maybe comes in a absolutely other behavior as Arch Linux/Manjaro. But when you want to give your daughter a laptop as gift i comes and has to be considered.
Maybe they see them targeted as product like Apple.

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Not because they don't have permission to deliver with American technology, but because they worry they won't have permission in the future. This way they have an opportunity to switch over gradually.

But yes, Huawei will sell some of its laptops with a choice between Deepin Linux (not Manjaro Deepin) and Windows. Deepin Linux itself will be split into two editions: Unity OS, which is basically Deepin Professional, and will mostly be used by corporations and governments, and then Deepin Linux standard. Both will remain open source.

The version that leaked was Unity OS 20 alpha 1. Alpha 2 should be out by the 31st.

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Thanks that you share your wisdom with us. It looks like you are very good informed, at least to me.
It seems Deepin is on a good way, 12 months now on place 10 at Distrowatch.

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