Did pamac handle kernel compression automatically?

On one machine, I used pacman to upgrade to Stable 2-28. I got the error:

xz: /tmp/mkinitcpio…/5.4.100-1MANJARO/kernel/crc-itu-t.ko.xz: Compressed data is corrupt

My solution was to add "COMPRESSION=“xz” to /etc/mkinitcpio.d/linux54.preset and run mkinitcpio. This entry helped.

Running the upgrade on a different machine using pamac GUI there was no error. No error in /var/log/pacman.log.

Did pamac handle the kernel compression differently than pacman? I expected the same results between pamac and pacman, but they were different, and would like to understand why.

Is compression enabled by default? I don’t think so. I believe pacman and pamac work pretty much the same way, besides it probably automatically accepts some of the question there is sometimes in pacman, selecting if my theory is right, the default choice?


I solved the wrong problem :upside_down_face: Trying to see the state of things, I looked at the two machines, there was a difference:

/usr/lib/modules/5.4.97-1-MANJARO pacman machine
/usr/lib/modules/5.4.100-1-MANJARO pamac machine

The mkinitcpio completed, but not correctly.

WARNING: errors were encountered during the build. The image may not be complete.

Since I keep 5.4 as a backup and use 5.10, I uninstalled 5.4 and reinstalled. It appears okay.

I think this was a plain old file download corruption problem. Argh!